Caregiver's Support

Self-care is the best care! Self-care is Self-Love! It is important for Caregivers to pour back into themselves. Below are a few ways we celebrate, acknowledge, and  offer Self-care Support to caregivers.

Intentionally Thankful Giveaway!: We are thankful for caregivers! To show our appreciation, we are giving away 3 Thanksgiving meals, 3 Self-car Support Kits, to 3 caregivers! Signup for your opportunity to be selected! Must live is Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Chesapeake to be eligible. (Coming November, 2024)

Self care Support Kits: Our self-care support kits is filled with items that encourage individuals who care for their elderly loved ones to cultivate and focus on self-care. Such items include relaxation and stress management body wash and lotions, journals, mugs, teas, planner, self-care books, etc. Our goals is to select a caregiver each month to ship a self-care support kit. 

Self-care Support Group (Facebook)- Join our Facebook Self-care Support Community! This group is a resource that provides a platform for caregivers to receive inspiration, valuable information, participate in discussions, and ask questions on a daily basis pertaining to themselves and/or caregiving. Click the image to join!

Goli Vitamins  Caregiver's health and wellness is vital to their sustainability. Goli vitamins can help aid in relaxations, stress management, memory support, and maintain of quality of life. Use code "Caregivers" at checkout to receive 10% off your order! #GoliPartner  

Caregivers and Candid Conversations Podcast: Podcast are available on all major listening platforms! Our podcast provides information to encourage, inform, education, and empower individuals who care for their elderly loved ones to focus on and cultivate self-care. SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW OUR PODCAST! 

Self-care Support Text: Caregivers need encouragement and to feels supported as much as possible. We Support Caregivers aim to keep caregivers encouraged and in good spirits. We created Self-care Support Text which allows caregivers to signup to receive a weekly text to encourage and empower them to focus on self-care. Caregivers can join by texting the word "Selfcare" to 888-672-0288. Most caregivers tend to get catch up in taking care of other they forget to take care of themselves and these weekly texts can serve as a great reminder. 

Nominate A Caregiver!

Nominate a caregiver and sponsor them to receive a Self-care Kit! Your contribution will help us continue or mission of encouraging and empowering caregivers to cultivate and focus on Self-care! Make an impact today!  Caregiver's Nomination Form 

Social Media -Virtual-Live Chats: Our live/video chats creates an open dialog for caregivers to network, receive inspiration, discuss their concerns or issues, and obtain information as it relates to their personal lives and/or caregiving.