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We Support Caregivers Inc. is an 501(c)(3) organization in Virginia Beach that encourages and empowers caregivers, who take care of their elderly loved ones, to cultivate and focus on self-care. The Best care is Self-care! Self-care is Self-Love! We take pleasure in serving caregivers in Hampton roads, surrounding areas, and communities by helping them to make self-care a priority. Below are a few options we offer caregivers to receive Self-care Support. Click on each link to learn more!

Our Story

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks and make sacrifices for others. We Support Caregivers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization in Virginia Beach that emerged from one daughter's faithfulness to her mother who she took care of for more than 10 years.

The organization was also established from her pursuit to inspire others individuals in Hampton roads, surrounding areas, and communities who take care of their elderly loved ones, to cultivate and focus on self-care. In efforts to support the community, we have the desire for our actions to speak louder than our words. Established January 2018, we are an organization driven by progressive ideas and bold actions. We believe with your continued support, we can impact and changes the lives of caregivers and our community.

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Nominate a caregiver and sponsor them to receive a Self-care Kit! Your contribution will help us continue or mission of encouraging and empowering caregivers to cultivate and focus on Self-care! Make an impact today! Caregiver's Nomination Form

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Our Mission

We Support Caregivers, Inc. (Formerly known as Caregivers Supporting Caregivers Network) is a 501(c)(3) organization that encourages and empowers individuals, who take care of their elderly loved ones, to cultivate and focus on their self-care. Our mission is to impact caregivers locally and abroad by reminding them that "Self-care is the best care because Self-care is Self Love".

Self-care is the best care. Individuals who focus on developing their physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social well-being, ultimately can become the best version of themselves. In addition, Self-care is Self-Love. The way we take care of ourselves is a reflection of the Love we have for ourselves. Self-care is the intentional act of individuals making time to develop their physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social health through daily activities.

Caregivers are vital to our society and several individuals are finding themselves in this role and task with such responsibility. This organization was created by caregivers to support, supply, and serve other caregivers and the community. We Support Caregivers is an organization who embraces diversity and inclusion. We are committed to building our boards and teams with various skills, experience, and backgrounds. We know that being inclusive puts us in the best position to better serve caregivers locally and abroad.

Our Vision

Our goal is to encourage caregivers to live a balanced life by motivating them to make self-care a priority. Self-care is imperative to the longevity of individuals who are caregivers, especially knowing how they have the tendency of sacrificing their own needs while trying to fulfill the needs of others. Such self-neglect can contribute to depression and suicide which are very prevalent among caregivers.

​Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and those around us. It produces positive thoughts, enhances self-esteem, decreases stress, decreases burnout, increases happiness, and much more. We believe in order for caregivers to properly provide care to their elderly loved ones, it first starts with them properly taking care of themselves.


Meet-ups- Our meetups take place in person and is a safe environment for caregivers to take a break from caregiving. These meetups are interactive and designed to allow caregivers to relax, have fun, and be informed. These meetups also helps caregivers develop their social self-care by interacting and meeting with other individuals.

Social Media Live/Video Chats- Our live/video chats creates an open dialog for caregivers to network, receive inspiration, discuss their concerns or issues, and obtain information as it relates to their personal lives and/or caregiving.

Self-care Group (Facebook)- This group is a resource that provides a platform for caregivers to receive inspiration, valuable information, participate in discussions, and ask questions on a daily basis pertaining to themselves and/or caregiving.


Knowledge is power! Our goal is to supply caregivers with the necessary information relevant to their continued self-care development. Information will also be share regarding the issues they maybe facing to help prepare them for the different stages of caregiving. We plan to utilize all available platforms and outlets (social media, meetups, live and video chats, podcast, webinars, Zoom, podcast, etc.) to inform and update caregivers about topics such as medical, legal, financial, fitness, and more. We believe that addressing issues, offering information, and resources can empower caregivers and guide them to a solution which equips them with the much needed tools to take care of themselves and their elderly loved ones.


We aim to serve caregivers by offering them the option of having a respite companions (in development) once a month to give caregivers a break to do something for themselves.

Our goal is to show our appreciation and to acknowledge caregivers through various social campaigns to honor and celebrate them for the sacrifice they continue to make as caregivers.

​In addition, We Support Caregivers, Inc. will also strive to volunteer and collaborate with other organizations and businesses to further serve and make an impact in the community.


We Support Caregiver's Logo embodies the very essence of self-care. Each color represents one area of self-care that we encourage caregivers to develop and focus on daily.

*The "Star" shape of the logo represents the human body.

Physical Self-care: Engaging in activities that improves and maintains the health of one's body.

Spiritual Self-care: Engaging in activities that cultivates and improve the spiritual condition of an individual.

Mental Self-care: Engaging in activities to maintain or improve the condition of one's mental health.

Social Self-care: Engaging is activities to maintain and improve the social health of an individual.

Emotional Self-care: Engaging in activities that maintains or improve the condition of one's emotional health


We Need A Break- COMING SOON! This is a respite companion program is currently in development. It will be designed to alleviate some of the stress of caregiving by offering caregivers a break. More details to come!

Self-care Development- COMING SOON! Many caregivers have neglected themselves for the purpose of caring for someone else. This program will help those individuals to make necessary improvements through self-care development.

Full -Stomach- COMING SOON! This dual program will be focused on helping individuals who take care of their elderly loved ones with the cost of groceries and providing homeless individuals with meals.


DONATE-Help us to continue to help others and make an impact our community by giving monetary donations. All donations are tax deductible.

SPONSORSHIP- Ask about our sponsorship opportunities.

VOLUNTEER- Ask about our volunteer opportunities.


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Caregivers, Sign-up for the opportunity to receive a Self-care Support Kit! Each month we will select a caregiver from our list to send a self-care kit. Self-care Kit Recipients will be announce on social media. Click the link to join: Self-care Kit Sign-up

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