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Below are a few ways you can help us continue to help others! Click on each image for more info. All contributions are tax deductible! ALL CONTRIBUTORS WILL RECEIVE A RECEIPT. Contributions of $60 A W-9 BY REQUEST FOR TAX DEDUCTION PURPOSES!

Your Contributions Matter!

You help us help others. It would be challenge to continue to offer the support to caregivers without your contributions. Below are a few ways you can continue to help us help others:

Donations:  Your donations can be monetary or product based donation. Your contributions are used to help us continue to encourage and empower  individuals who care for their elderly loved ones to cultivate and focus on self-care. Here are few monetary ways to give and  products that you can donate for our self-care support kits:


We Caregivers Homeless Feeding Campaign

Help Us Support the Homeless Community

Help us Join We Support Caregivers Community Feeding Campaign. Our goal is to provide hot meals and hygiene kits to 100 homeless individuals in our community. Here are a few ways you can help:

TEXT to Donate

Purchase Items from Our Registry List to Support Homeless!

 Food Registry  Hygiene Registry 

Product Donations

Help us give support to caregivers by purchasing items for our self-care support kits!

Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities!

Working together can make things better! Sponsoring or partnering with us can help We Support Caregivers continue to make an impact on caregivers and the community! Below displays the benefits of becoming a sponsor and more information regarding partnerships.

Sponsorship: Want to make a large impact? Sponsorship opportunities are available and is a great way to advertise or showcase your business! Interested in sponsoring? Click submit a sponsorship interest form

 Here are few benefits we offer sponsors (benefits are depended on contributions)

Partnership- Working together can make things better! Let's work smarter, not harder! We Support Caregivers would like to partner with other non-profits in the community to further assist and help those who are in need. Interested in partnering with us? Click submit a partnership request

Shop and Support

Support We Support Caregivers by shopping. Below is one of the ways to indirectly support us through shopping!

Shop our merch!You shop, Bonfire gives! Show your support for our brand by purchasing our gear! Each item you purchase, Bonfire gives us a percentage of the sale! Check out our gear!

Support us with your time and your Shares!

Volunteering us is time well spent and a good way to continue to make an impact on caregivers and the community. Support us with your social media shares. Below displays information regarding volunteering with us and how to support us via social media.

Volunteering: It would be a pleasure for you to volunteer with us! Volunteers are always welcome and needed for certain project and events. Interested in volunteering? Submit a volunteer request.

Social Media Engagement: Liking, Sharing, Following, Subscribing, and Commenting on our social media post and podcast is one of the easiest ways you can show us your support by sharing our message! We Support Caregivers has the following social media accounts. Click each option to begin following us!

Caregivers and Candid Conversations Podcast

The conversations are candid!

Support us by tuning in to our podcast! Caregivers and Candid Conversations Podcast are available on ALL MAJOR listening platforms. The episodes are on various topics that continues to encourage and empower caregivers to cultivate and focus on self-care development. Below are a few of the platforms you can click on to subscribe to Caregivers and Candid Conversations Podcast!

Caregivers and Candid Conversations Podcast is available on ALL MAJOR LISTENING PLATFORMS: 

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